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The Social-Emotional Teaching & Learning Lab

Conducting rigorous research to benefit the emotional well-being of young children and the people who care for them.

What Our Research Says

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Zinsser, Silver, Hussaini, & Zulauf (2019)

About the Implementation of Preschool Expulsion Legislation


About 35% of the responding Illinois programs had expelled at least one child in the past year. On average programs expelled almost 2% of children enrolled in their programs. However rates of expulsion and knowledge of the new law varied widely by program type, funding, location, and populations served.

The SETLers

SETL Lab 2020
SETL Lab 2020
SETL Lab 2019
SETL Lab 2017
Velisha - SROP 2018
Monica - SROP 2018
Velisha - SROP 2018
Christen - Poster Presentation
Qaswa - Poster Presentation
Dr. Z & Courtney - Award Ceremony
Dr. Z & Callie - Poster Presentation
Qaswa & Vinoad - Poster Presentation
Callie - Symposium Presentation
Qaswa - Poster Presentation
Callie - Round Table Discussion
Callie - Round Table Discussion
Callie - Poster Presentation
SETL Lab - Rooftop Pizza Party
Courtney - Award Ceremony
Qaswa - UIC Data Blitz
Callie - UIC Data Blitz
Qaswa, Nikki, & Dr. Z - Day at the Park
Qaswa - Day at the Park
Callie - Day at the Park
Vinoad & Graeson - Day at the Park
Dr. Z - Lab Birthday Party
Qaswa - Poster Presentation
Diamond - UIC Impact Day Poster
Jasmina - UIC Impact Day Poster
Qaswa - UIC Impact Day Poster
Diamond - UIC Impact Day Award
Tito - UIC Impact Day "Poster"
Tito & Callie - Dinner in Austin (SRCD)
Tito, Samantha, & Stephany - Hard work in the lab
SETL Lab 2016 - Derby Day Party
SETL Lab 2016 - Derby Day Party
SETL Lab 2015 - Chili Cook Off  & Inside Out Watch Party
SETL Lab 2015
Courtney - Symposium Presentation
Luz - UIC Student Research Forum Poster
Taylor & Dr. Z - Graduation Day
Dr. Z & Claire - Graduation Day
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