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The EMOTERS Project: 

Developing and Validating a Measure of Social-Emotional Teaching in Preschool Classrooms

With funding from the Institute of Education Sciences and in collaboration with the Development in Schools Context Lab at George Mason University, we have developed a new way of understanding teachers' contributions to children's emotional competence!

Surprisingly little is known about specific strategies teachers use to support children’s social and emotional development. Students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) is certainly valued, especially in early childhood. Indeed, with its focus on the whole child and origins apart from formal school systems, the field of early childhood has long recognized that children’s social-emotional skills feature prominently in their ability to function in preschool environments. Yet, scant research has documented how and why what teachers do in the classroom does or doesn’t support children’s social and emotional learning. This four-year iterative measurement development and validation project will ultimately result in a psychometrically rigorous observational assessment of teacher practices that support children emerging emotional competence which can be used in research, intervention evaluation, and teacher professional development.

Interested in using the EMOTERS?

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