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Tip Sheets

Resources for Parents & Teachers: Products

August, 2017

In the wake of the incidents occurring in Charlottesville, Virginia, parents and teachers alike are struggling to figure out if, what, and how to address the recent violence with their young children.

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Parent Workshops

Resources for Parents & Teachers: Products

Workshop presented to the Warren Township Child, Youth, & Family Services Program.

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Teacher Professional Development

Resources for Parents & Teachers: Products

July 07 - 08, 2015

Presentation at the Texas School Ready (TSR) Early Learning Institute

TSR Handout Available Here

Kindergarten Guide

May 18, 2017

McCormick Center for Early Childhood's Leadership Connections Conference​

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Social-Emotional Teaching in Higher Education

Resources for Parents & Teachers: Products

February 02, 2015

For four years running, Dr. Zinsser has had the pleasure of speaking at the new faculty orientation at UIC. Here, she shares some research-based strategies to support college students' SEL.

Check out her Division 15 Education Psychology Article about Social Emotional Teaching via Email

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