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The articles provided on this website as PDFs were published by journals and in edited volumes and thus copyrighted to them. These links are intended to facilitate the accepted practice that authors are allowed to distribute copies of their articles to interested parties for personal use. No commercial use may be made of the articles nor is mass production of the articles permitted.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Silver, H.C., Zinsser, K.M., Zulauf-McCurdy, C.A., Lowe-Fotos, A., Estlund, M., & Orr, L., (2021) Transforming early childhood discipline policy through collaborative research and evaluation.  Translational Issues in Psychological Science. Advance online publication.

Free Pre-Print

Zulauf-McCurdy, C. & Zinsser, K. (in press). How Teachers’ Perceptions of the Parent-Teacher Relationship Affect Children’s Risk for Early Childhood Expulsion.  Psychology in Schools.


Gordon, R., Peng, F., Zinsser, K.M., Curby, T.W. (2021). Using the Many-Facet Rasch Model to Improve Observational Quality Measures:  An Introduction and Application to Measuring the Teaching of Emotion Skills. Early Childhood Research Quarterly 55(2) 149-164.

Open Access Link


Silver, H.C. & Zinsser, K.M. (2020) The interplay among early childhood teachers’ social and emotional well-being, mental health consultation, and preschool expulsion. Paper accepted for publication at Early Education & Development. 31(7), 1133-1150.


Denham, S., Bassett, H., Zinsser, K.M., Bradburn, I.S., Bailey, C.S., Shewark, E.S., Ferrier, D.E., Liverette, K.H., Steed, J., Karalus, S.P., Kianpour, S. (in press) Computerized social-emotional assessment measures for early childhood settings. Manuscript accepted at Early Childhood Research Quarterly. 51 (2020): 55-66.


Zulauf, C. A. , & Zinsser, K. M. (2019). Forestalling Preschool Expulsion: A Mixed-Method Exploration of the Potential Protective Role of Teachers’ Perceptions of Parents. American Educational Research Journal, 56 (6).

Zinsser, K.M., Main, C., Torres, L., & Connor, K. (2019) Patching the Pathway and Widening the Pipeline: Models for Developing a Diverse Early Childhood Workforce in Chicago. American Journal of Community Psychology.

Shewark, E.S., Zinsser, K.M., & Denham, S.A. (2018). Teachers' perspectives on the consequences of managing classroom climate. Child & Youth Care Forum.


Zulauf, C. †, Zinsser, K.M & Silver, H.C. † (2019). Using Mixed-Methods to understand Preschool Expulsion. SAGE Research Methods Cases.


Zinsser, K.M., Denham, S.A. & Curby, T.W. (2018). Becoming a social-emotional teacher. Young Children. September 2018 Issue


Zinsser, K., Zulauf, C. †, Silver, H.C. †, & Nair Das, V. † (2017). Utilizing social-emotional learning supports to address teacher stress and preschool expulsion. Invited paper at Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.


Zinsser, K.M., Christensen, C.G. †, & Torres, L. * (2016). She’s supporting them, who’s supporting her? Preschool center-level social-emotional supports and teacher well-being. Journal of School Psychology. 59, 55-66.


Zinsser, K.M. & Zinsser, A. (2016) Two case studies of preschool psychosocial safety climates. Research on Human Development. 13(1), 49-64. Special Issue on Psychological Safety. Shannon Wanless, Ph.D. (Eds.)


Zinsser, K.M., Denham, S., Curby, T., & Shewark, E. (2015). “Practice what you preach”: Teachers’ perceptions of emotional competence and emotionally supportive classroom practices. Early Education & Development. 26(7), 899-919. doi: 10.1080/10409289.2015.1009320.


Zinsser, K.M. & Dusenbury, L. (2015). Recommendations for implementing the new Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards to affect classroom practices for social and emotional learning. Early Childhood Research & Practice, 17(1). Available at

Zinsser, K.M., Shewark, E., Denham, S.A., & Curby, T.W. (2014). A mixed-method examination of preschool teacher beliefs about emotion socialization and relations observed emotional support. Infant and Child Development.  Available at


Zinsser, K.M. & Curby, T.W., (2014). Understanding preschool teachers’ emotional support as a function of center climate. SAGE Open, 4(4)doi: 10.1177/2158244014560728

Manuscripts in Revision, Under Review, or In Preparation

Zinsser, K., Zulauf, C. †, Silver, H.C. † & Nair Das, V† (under review). Understanding preschool expulsion through the lens of teacher stress and supports of child SEL. Invited paper at Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology

Zulauf, C. †, Zinsser, K., & Roy, A. (under review). Profiles of School-based Peer Aggression: Examining commonalties and differences by gender over time. Manuscript submitted for review to Child Development.

Lambouths †, III, D., Zinsser, K.M., Gordon, R., Kaestner, R., (in progress). Evaluation of Increasing Teacher Education Requirements in Head Start.

Shewark, E.S., Zinsser, K.M., & Denham, S.A. (under review). What’s lost in calm classrooms? Teachers’ perspectives on the consequences of managing classroom climate. Journal of Research in Childhood Education.

Zinsser, K. M., Christensen, C. G. †, Gordon, R., & The Early Investments Initiative (in preparation). Alignment of the Illinois Quality Rating Improvement System and Learning Standards for Preschool Emotional Competence to the Research Base.

Other Publications (Book Chapters, Policy Briefs, etc.)

Zinsser, K.M. & Denham, S.A. (2016). Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. In D.L. Couchenour & K. Chrisman (Eds) The SAGE Encyclopedia of Contemporary Early Childhood Education. Sage Publications, London, United Kingdom.

Zinsser, K.M., Christensen †, C.G. & Carlson, A.G. (2015). Both together: Social-emotional learning and cognitive development supporting early academic success.  Early Childhood Education: Teachers' Perspectives, Effective Programs and Impacts on Cognitive Development. Nova Science Publishers

Denham, S, & Zinsser, K.M. (2014). Social and Emotional Learning during Early Childhood. In T. Gullotta & M. Bloom (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention and Health Promotion (2nd ed) (pp.925-935. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York, NY.

Zinsser, K. M., Weissberg, R.P, & Dusenbury, L. (2013). Aligning Preschool through High School Social and Emotional Learning Standards: A Critical and Doable Next Step. Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, Chicago, IL. Available at:

Zinsser, K.M. (2012) Concept map for a study of children’s development of social emotional competence: Figure 3.6 and example 3.1 memo. In Maxwell, J. A. Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive Approach (Third ed.)(pp. 58-62). Sage Publications, Inc.

Denham, S. A., Zinsser, K.M., Brown, C. A. (2012). The Social Emotional Basis of Learning and Development in Early Childhood Education. In B. Spodek & O.N. Saracho (Eds.), Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children (3rd ed) (pp. 67-88). Routledge, Taylor and Francis, New York, NY.

Denham, S.A., Zinsser, K.M., Bailey, C. (2011). Emotional intelligence in the first 5 years of life. Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development.


Zinsser, K.M. & Christensen, C.G.† (2014). Minnesota Preschool Affect Checklist – Teacher. Unpublished measure. University of Illinois at Chicago.

​Curby, T. W., Zinsser, K. M., Storey, E., & Downer, J. T. (2013). Preschool classroom observation measure (PCOR). Unpublished measure. George Mason University.

Non-Peer Reviewed/Popular Media

Zulauf, C. †, Jiang, X. †, Roth, A. †, Troxler, J. †, Zinsser, K.M., & Curby, T. (2016).  Development and Preliminary Validation of the Emotional Teacher Rating Scale (EMOTERS) for Preschool Classrooms. Advances in SEL Research, American Educational Research Association Special Interest Group on Social and Emotional Learning Newsletter, 7(2), 6-7.


Zinsser, K.M. (2016, July 21). The Importance of Positive Emotional Leadership in ECE: An Online Research Study . McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership Blog.


Zinsser, K.M. (2015, December 01) Why your two year old’s babbling matters. .


Zinsser, K.M. (2015, September 09), An expert’s guide to recognizing a great preschool.


Zinsser, K.M. (2015, Jun 09). 6 Ways to support preschooler's social–emotional learning at home and in school.


Zinsser, K.M. (2015, April 28). Social-emotional learning in the preschool classroom.


Zinsser, K.M. (2015, March 23) Social-emotional development in preschoolers.


Zinsser, K.M. & Christensen, C.G.† (2015) Social-Emotional Teaching via Email. Psychology Today Division 15 Blog.


Zinsser, K. M., Gordon, R. A.; Main, K.M.; Sheridan, K.M; Christensen, C.G. † (2014). Legislative Update: University of Illinois Early Investments Initiative. Advances in SEL Research; 8(1).


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Zinsser, K. M., & Curby, T (2013). Making a conference work for you. Psychology Today Division 15 Blog. Available at

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